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Is A Bridge / A Ready Place (Vinyl Version)

by obody

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that moon just spoke and said I can hold your heart and resolve it like the motion of raindrop meeting ocean don't you know you're looking to become whatever catches your eye when you look into the sky? well sometimes I just can't look away though I can sense a body staring at a wall all day those white walls I've made peace with them I never needed any more I think I might need less
the wings of enforcers are buried in walls at night a blind hand, a sorcerer clanging at the pipes grabbing blind at my insides but it's too dark a night to realize if they're giving love or stealing life how were you fixed in the night to fly? and watch the sleeping body below
one million ways to get to the same place where there's only one way maybe our feet never really touch the ground until the next minute where sense is found and when all is giving and shimmering I do not stop I keep working
if not a single star is out tonight you'll still find me looking into that sky because I know that every bit of work finds its place and even if no one can see it now I'm still going to make a gift that could keep on giving day after day a gift that could keep on giving day after day you could travel as far as you want to in its wake I'll be asking what am I giving up what can I afford to give up? in making something that will give enough something that might lift those hearts that have given up and if today I'm not as wise as I was yesterday I'll be asking that moon tonight: Where were my mistakes? Will you sing them back through me truthfully until I understand what it is to be that dark and empty sky Will silence break your heart the way that it's broke mine?
render fire 04:18
render all the fire from the dead take what's left and find it's still a distant sun render all the work of the day sign for what's left tomorrow it will change memory hunter, did you see the past like shattered crystals on the last breath of a gold horizon and when you render what's left you find it's all still wondering, 'with so much to see, how are we so alone?' with all we bleed and not a single heart's been known we calibrate to the light of each day we celebrate knowing that it will change we calibrate to attain a new sensitivity that's sure someday to become a new pain so I know when I'm working I'm running two different ways making a heart and then taking that heart wringing it dry and ringing its bell rising up in that water and raining down
your body empties a river flows from between your legs of flaking stone incipient heart incipient souls nerves flickering out in the spinal fluid where they float your body empties dreams untold so still still and cold and I I only come to make them real we're swimming now towards the light I watch your gorgeous hands fossilize I watch your beautiful mouth screaming out my body empties I come as the rain I watch your life become real again
fly away 05:23
I consider it my job to remind just how flighted these breaths can be they don't come easy they don't come easy but it's so easy for any day to up and fly away you could up and fly away and I wouldn't have the strength and I know I don't have the wings and I wouldn't know which way that you'd be going and that should make it easy to love you wholly and treat you kindly and always act boldly in the face of fear and face my fears but I've been getting caught all up in the thoughts of what I mean to myself but what I mean to me - I know it's got nothing to do with how I love you that face of fear only near my heart does it abate
What kind of rush is this? to show what I'm holding and how I control it between two dams and the only decision has been with what precision I open a lock to let in a sea I can't even see how it's risen and even when the sea has risen past your nose still all anyone will really care to know is what were your decisions? where were your decisions? what are our decisions? I can find where I sing where I never stop working I'll never stop working working towards seeing that I ain't drowning, no I'm just drinking drinking in time with the moon and the tide I am the precision of the sea empty and still, I've tried to be and many have tried to dance with me they always say it's like asking the wind to howl in key and in time with the moon and the tide


"Obody's latest offering is a slow-burning but hard-hitting force to be reckoned with. At times trudging solemnly through sandy mud and muck, while at others soaring over vast buttes under starlit skies; it is consistently gorgeous and haunting. Though the group is closer to home in the Catskills of New York, a certain air of the Southwest permeates their sound. There is an openness to the compositions and the pristine fidelity of the recording let's this shine through. The players are patient and let the songs speak for themselves.

Calhoun's strings writhe and screech through the moodier tracks like spectres wandering the night and pepper in lovely lilting Appalachian accents to the lighter numbers. Vincent's more ethereal guitar work combined with the cello and violin make for some unsettling soundscapes particularly in 'your body empties' and 'song for a prisoner'. The heavier songs on the record lean into post-rock territory and are elevated by Ploss's brooding bass lines. Credited as percussionist and composer, Hennies' meditative and respectful drumming leaves the rest of the band their sonic space without leaving anything out. Vocally, the record is beautiful and really shines on tracks like 'render fire' and 'gods answer' when the harmonies crop up

This is an album to sit with. On your back porch with a tumbler of rye and half a pack of Winstons. On a drive through foreign states at dusk with gas station coffee in your cup holder and beef jerky on your breath. On a wet log under the dying stars within the warm touch of a bonfire. The songs smolder on, sounding like if that guy from Murder By Death sang over Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Vincent's plaintive croons feel drawn from the pages of a Cormac Mccarthy novel while the music has a cinematic quality and undeniably western twang to it. A great record for the shifting of seasons and somber reflection."
- Dillon Kelley, Already Dead Tapes, 2016


released November 11, 2016

On this recording Obody is:

Sarah Hennies: drums, vibraphone, backing vocal

Jason Calhoun: violin, piano

Peter Vincent: vocals, guitars, electronics, harmonica

Chris Ploss : bass, keyboard, engineer

*additional vocals by Hannah Whitehead on 'fly away' and 'god's answer'*

Recorded in January 2015 by Chris Ploss and Obody in Trumansburg, NY

Mixed by Chris Ploss, Peter Vincent and Obody

Mastered by Joe Panzner

Artwork by Benjamin Torrey

All songs and lyrics by Peter Vincent


all rights reserved



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