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It's a Drink

by Rat Punch

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Sailing babies across the sea of guilt doesn’t make a fucking baby Moses Should have let the crocodiles have it would have made a better lunch than a life
Litter Kink 01:01
I cannot wait for this blue dot to turn grey You know what they say “Fulfill my greed, screw your needs.” Come on baby! Oh yeah! Right there! Fill it up!
It’s been an awful mistake and a waste of a few trillions of years And I can feel those pains in every organelle of everyone’s cells. And the only thing that keeps those bastards away is that drink you’ve got in your hand right over there. So why don’t you just a put sock in it, and gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme.
You’re such a good boy scout. Look at all those patches on your vest, not a single one out of line. I bet you know the whole rule book front to back, you fucking dork. No one cares if you know everything about it, no one gives a fuck about it.
I wish that I had gotten mommy and daddy to pay for a group of my peers to look just like me so we can all slip things into innocent, unsuspecting drinks. It’s so great that you and all your buds, you found the same pair of shoes. Dope camouflage but it’s easy to see through. I’m sure that drunk girl you just locked in your room doesn’t have an idea of what you might do. Snakes in the grass teeth made of glass. Their righteous dictum helps them play the victim.
They crawl in through an ear. They get off in your head. They get in and you don’t ever get a rest. I ran, they followed. I hid, they found me. Eight spiders in your sleep a year. Eight spiders a year in your sleep.
Convinced everything that comes out of you is pure gold. Just keep drinking out the trough, spoon-fed every single thing you know. Next time why don’t you just wizz into your mouth? Just wanna make sure you don’t overdraw on the First National Bank of Piss, you sucker.
Got a taste for destruction and a problem with authority. Got a knack for deconstruction, and an issue with society. Gotta get fucked up again cause I’m bored with sobriety. Get in a car, you will see, driving drunk will set you free. Drink a beer, drive a car. Go get drunk and drive your car. Got no use for legislation that takes my rights away from me. Don’t want no medication, don’t want no therapy. No doubt about it, can’t fucking drive without it. Get in a car, you will, drunk driving will set you free. Drink a beer, drive a car. Go get drunk and drive your car. Go get drunk and drive your fucking car.
What do you mean the carbonizer is truncating?! I will shove this megastructure so far up your meatspace, you’ll AHHH Our velocigraph has detected a lesion in the dorsal panel of the ambulent reflector unit. Breached by an unidentified entity presumed Jovian in origin. We are requesting a tungsten-galvanized quantum bisector for the nuclear splicing of ionic sludge encroaching bridgeward from the proton harvesting chamber. If you don’t bring the merkabah intergalactic back right now, you’re gonna be abiogenesized on levels never seen before. Transmissions from sector Omega suggest the chief mutation engineer has gone xeric in the cardiovascular sense. All venipuncture protocols have been exhausted, chain of supervision notwithstanding. The orbs have been begun to exhibit insectizoidal properties. Check the karyotypes if you don’t believe me. We may have no choice but to contra-vaporize all prophylactic specimens. I’ve executed every control command and pulled every lever, and smashed every key. I will die in the light of this red flashing monolith as Moon 13 cries blood for me.
Riff City 01:49
Wet dreams of walking out on my fucking position. “Our core company values are innovation, leadership, collaboration…” Go to hell. Your boss needs you. You don’t need them.


Rat Punch are a truly unhinged grindcore / metal / hardcore cacophony by way of Knoxville, TN.


released October 15, 2021


all rights reserved



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