That Yellow Bastard

by That Yellow Bastard

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"Full disclosure: I don’t know a thing about grindcore. I listened to Ed Gein and The Locust a couple of times. That’s about as much as you’re going to get from me - I don’t have any relevant comparisons. All I can really tell you is that T.Y.B. was truly devastating and I’m really bummed I missed that place and time.

That Yellow Bastard (named after the SIN CITY comic book series) would’ve been playing your Mississippi basement or bar 5-10 years ago. They’ve since disbanded, but members can still be found in bands like A.M. Stations and AD264’s Sounding. Rumors of a possible reunion are always floating around so keep your fingers crossed, kiddos.

Tracks like “Bubblehead Scientist,” “Gated Community Murders,” and “Life Goes Splat” are pretty straightforward, formulaic grind as far as I can tell. There’s some blast beats and some shreddin’ and then there’s a chuggy breakdown part followed by some other soul-bashing riff to finish you off. Super-quick changes, you can’t really process the utter assault. There’s plenty of unintelligible shrieking and gutturals. Pretty sure they’re talking about conspiracy theories or aliens or something, though. On that first track, I was listening to the beginning and was thinking, “Oh cool, what’s up, Van Halen?” but then the bass and heavy guitars came in… had to check my drawers and my piss-poor attitude after that.

“Glass Bottom Boat” kind of reminds me of a Zao-esqe instrumental interlude epic; heavy and rowing like Vikings. “Escape Artist” is about as manic and twisted as they come. It’s basically an album’s worth of sounds in one song. Major props for the ever-relevant John Cage sample at the beginning. Favorite track has gotta be “Spychips,” though. The latter half boasts a fat anaconda bassline, ghostly piano part, slicing synth melody and spaced-out guitar lead (and blast beat, of course) that border on black metal. Makes me wonder how this wasn’t picked up by Profound Lore years ago.

I found myself asking these two questions at the end of this listen: “Was I just torn apart by a pack of wolves?” and “Why can’t all records be this brutal?” Seriously, make sure you’re somewhere safe when you check this out because you’re going to freak."

- Alex Borozan, Already Dead Tapes, 2017


released September 29, 2017


all rights reserved



Already Dead Tapes and Records Atlanta, Georgia

A record label releasing cassettes, vinyl and fine art in small editions.

Based in Atlanta, Brooklyn, Chicago, Detroit, & Kalamazoo.

Est. 2009

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Track Name: Bubblehead Scientist
Cement walls dripping sweat
Soaking in her mind
Even the Gas can't stop the paralyzing stream
Combining all her days
into one long night
Guiding him is her phantom limb
He's there to slur her speech
Until she's gone again

My life
into pieces

Bubbleheaded Scientist
Why Now?
Track Name: Gated Community Murders
The wet dreams
Of plastics and silk
We've got all
the doors locked up tight
Hide behind
Deadbolt, latch and chains
By the handful
poisins tranquil states
of graphic delusions
with no end in sight
Security cameras
Can't catch all the angles
the consequences of
having it all

Hey big spender
buy that blender

Tighten up
on the security boys
Track Name: Spychips
Hide behind stained glass
looking through open blinds
tap the lines, listen in! Listen IN!
All these secrets on display
Fisheye lens sees everything

Me Watching you, watching me
One Nation Under Surveillance!!!!
Track Name: Life Goes Splat
Falling face first
Broken glass
You didn't see it coming
You couldn't see it coming
When you tripped over
Your own ambitions
Now You're
Faces into the
Of bullets
Its your way of saying
Have a nice Life
Track Name: Escape Artist
Everlasting grin
Neverlasting friend
Ever after
Ever after

Abandon ship
Women and Children
are first to GO
Trading their last breaths
for prayers
Smearing our wet dreams
Across the ocean floor

Its a vast exhibition
of a modicum of skill
A life inside boxes
Making friends with chains that BIND!!!

I'm over used

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